We Install Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Devices

From California to New York, converter thefts are on the rise across the country. The converters are valuable because they contain precious metals, such as palladium, platinum and rhodium.   A rise in the value of precious metals combined with ongoing economic struggles is to blame for the spike in converter thefts, experts tell USA Today.

Thieves can sell the stolen parts to scrap yards for anywhere from $100 to $200 per part. Repairs for the victimized car owners are significantly more expensive, running anywhere from $300 to $2,000 depending on the vehicle and the skill of the crook, who could slice through fuel lines and other parts as they remove the converter. Cars that are higher off the ground, such as pickups, trucks and SUVs are frequent targets, because thieves can slide underneath without needing to jack the vehicle.

We now carry the CatClamp Standard (shown below) in stock.  The price including installation is $315.00  We provide pictures for you to send to your insurance company and to CatClamp for their warranty.  Also, mention you have one of these devices installed and perhaps your insurance company will give you a discount for having an anti-theft device installed.   These devices present a strong visual deterrent to a converter thief who knows this won't be an easy device to get through.  Since car frame types vary, it's best for the customer to choose the right device for your vehicle.   Go to their website page which shows the list of cars this device will work on. 


The following are pictures of a CatClamp we installed on a customer car.  



Although there is no guarantee that somehow, somewhere, a thief will take the time to attempt to get through this device, chances are when they see it, they will not try.  They want to do the quick and easy cut and run.  A to Z Auto Service, Inc. cannot guarantee the product and cannot be responsible for any damage caused by a theft or attempted theft.  However, we believe it is an effective tool against catalytic converter thievery.  This CatClamp anti-theft device has a pretty decent money back guarantee.  Check out their frequently asked questions.