Thursday, September 13, 2012 

   A to Z Auto Service, Inc
Wins the 2012 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award!

"Based on information gathered during the past year, your business has reached a new milestone in overall customer satisfaction. Through hard work and commitment, the entire A to Z Auto Service, Inc team has achieved a huge victory with a 5 rating."

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday:      8:30 am to 6 pm

 Saturday:                              9 am to 1 pm

                                                                   Sunday:                                 Closed

We recommend calling ahead for an appointment or to check availability, especially if you are looking for just an oil change.

If you need a special arrangement for pickup or drop-off,  please let us know.  We will do everything we can to accommodate you.  We live nearby and can arrange to meet you after our normal business hours are over.  

A to Z Auto Service, Inc.


No matter what check engine sign or words appear on your car dash, it will let you know when it has a problem.

We began this shop because we are different.  We are male & female co-owners ensuring equal service and pricing.  In fact, that's how we met.  I was a woman car owner with a check-engine light and Gil was the honest mechanic who fixed my car, and didn't charge me a ridiculous price to do it!

Gil has worked in the automotive field for the past 30 years and has expertise in a variety of areas.  During these thirty years,  he has worked for independent shops in the Chicagoland area as Manager and Technician and specializes in driveability diagnosis and repair, as well as extensive knowledge of Emissions.

As a highly recommended Emissions Technician by the Illinois Air Team for his extensive knowledge of emissions and their failure codes, Gil has state-of-the-art equipment which identifies the reasons for the code, thus enabling him to solve the problem quickly and accurately. He will explain to you, in simple, everyday terms so that you understand the reason for  your car problem and what we need to do to get it back on the road!

He has successfully completed manufacturer, independent and state training and is recognized as an Illinois State Emissions Repair Technician.  Throughout his career, many automotive Technicians have come to Gil when they are struggling with a repair issue. We go out of our way to ensure a customer knows just what kind of repair they are authorizing us to make.  He has an extremely low return rate since he is able to diagnose and repair the problem correctly the first time.   We use only quality parts and guarantee our service 100%!



Our Story

After commuting a long distance for work for several months, my check engine light appeared.  I was referred to a local repair shop who explained to me all the numerous, costly repairs my car needed.  Of course, being a woman, I did not have the knowledge of cars I should have, and hoped this shop owner was being fair AND honest.  I agreed to have the work done.

Shortly afterwards, my car developed another problem and I contacted a local battery company for a referral.  I was sent to a local shop where I met Gil, who was the current Manager.   He gave me some ideas as to what might be causing the problem and that he would call me with an estimate.  A short time later, he notified me the issue was a minor problem and I approved the repair.  And guess what?  My bill was less than $100.00!

Quite a while later, the dreaded transmission went out and of course, I called Gil who sent a mechanic over to drive my limping car to their shop.  A few days later and an unbelievably reasonable price for a transmission, the car was good as new and has been to this day.

After some time, Gil and I became friends and we decided he needed to open his own repair shop simply because he was honest and did not treat women and for that matter, senior citizens as mere money farms.  It is now 6 years later and we proudly opened A to Z Auto Service, Inc. in June of 2009. 

We rare located at 4129 No. Western Avenue, between Berteau and Belle Plaine Avenues, just north of Irving Park Road on the North Side of Chicago and are building a strong group of loyal customers who consistently refer us to their friends, family and co-workers.  Please see our 5-Star reviews on!

If you have any questions, or would like further information on A to Z Auto Service, Inc. please email us!