The following data is for information purposes only and is from the Illinois Air Team website.    
A to Z Auto Service, Inc. can perform the repairs needed to help your car pass the test.  We do not perform the actual test.   


Some basic information on the Illinois Inspection Report from the Illinois Air Team website:

The Vehicle Inspection Report gives your technician a list of the diagnostic trouble codes that were stored in your on board computer at the time of the test. The technician can use this information to help diagnose the problem that caused the vehicle to fail the test. The report does not identify what component(s) are malfunctioning.

While this information is helpful to your technician, it cannot pinpoint the actual repairs that must be made. The technician uses this information, combined with his/her training and experience and possibly further diagnostic testing, to determine what repairs will be needed.

This is where A to Z Auto Service, Inc. steps in.  We'll review the Inspection Report and then scan and diagnose the reason for the failure.  We will explain both to you in full detail and repair as necessary to ensure you pass once we've finished the repair.  

We will complete the Repair Data Form.  If this is a second or third test, the vehicle can be taken to any authorized station for a retest.